atom learning partnership                                                                              

We’ve partnered with Atom Learning to provide a three-step learning journey to exam success in Pre-Tests and the 11+

Atom Learning is an online, adaptive mock test area with over 20,000 questions in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Its platform is underpinned by an algorithm that adapts to the individual student's level as they answer each question, just like in the Pre-Tests.

The programme is ideal for using alongside Galore Park's revision resources, which teach the skills needed to answer the questions. With a combination of on and offline learning between the two, children can more confidently prepare for their entrance exams. Scroll down to find out how Atom Learning ties in with Galore Park’s revision journey, and click the below button to start a five day free Atom Learning trial.

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Click on the button below to try a five day Atom Learning trial and receive a 10% discount if you buy a subscription through this link.