Tips for revision, from start to finish
By Galore Park
06 Apr
We've broken the revision process into three parts, pulling out tips for before, during and after...

before revision‚Äč

  • Prepare! Ensure your child has the right equipment to hand. Textbooks, paper & pens are the obvious things but think about highlighters, sticky notes for reminders and covering answers for self-testing too

  • Ensure the room you've chosen for revision has plenty of natural light and fresh air

  • Sit together and make a realistic timetable, you can use this template from our Study Skills book. Try not to cram too much in, alternate their favourite subjects and don't forget to include some treats or family events!

during revision

  • Work in short bursts, 20-30 minutes at a time should be sufficient

  • Use revision materials that are made up of short units and break subjects down to topics or sections. (TOP TIP: Our revision guides are set out like this!)

  • Don't panic if your child is struggling, there will be time to go over things at the end of the session

  • Do make sure you are letting your child work things out alone, as you won't be there on the day to help

  • Keep your child topped up with water and snacks throughout too!

  • Timed practice papers and tests should be done, replicating test conditions (TOP TIP: We sell past CASE papers for all subjects)

after revision

  • Take some time to discuss each revision session with your child, this is their chance to ask questions about things they haven't understood

  • Don't work too late into the evening, early nights and relaxation are important to keep the brain rested

  • If something has proved particularly difficult during the session, encourage your child to talk to their tutor or teacher about it

  • Relax! With a healthy mix of hobbies, time with family and friends, plenty of sleep and structured revision, your child is sure to do their best come exam time

For more useful facts and information about pre-tests, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams please download our free parent guide 

parent guide



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