Connect learning for school and home with
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15 Apr

Weekly Webinars

Date: Ongoing

Price: FREE 

Facilitator: Andy Pritchard, Community and Learning Manager and Guests

Connect learning for school and home with

Andy takes you through the new, flexible learning platform praised in the recent APPG report for increasing learner engagement and offering vital support for wellbeing. 

From introductory drop-in sessions to live demos, find a date and time that suits you and join us for a short 30-45 minute session to learn just how easy it is to deliver the full curriculum, or pick and choose resources to mix with your current plans with 


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21 April, 4-4.30pm

Sir Mark Grundy introduces you to, the curriculum and the importance of mental health and wellbeing.
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‚ÄčAn introduction to

Primary: Every Tuesday at 4pm
Secondary: Every Wednesday at 4pm

This introductory webinar showcases what makes a crucial part of your wider school strategy. The session will focus on the primary curriculum, the interactive functionality and how can extend learning beyond the classroom to flourish in the world outside. We will share simple implementation strategies to support as a plug-and-play solution into current school systems including hybrid learning and how we can support mental health and wellbeing.  
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‚ÄčEnchancing your curriculum with 

Coming soon!

This workshop is ideal for the champions of primary and secondary schools. During the session, we will demonstrate how teachers can enhance the experience of their colleagues and pupils through simple functionality tips. As well as developing your knowledge of building lessons, you will learn how resources can be distributed via Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom and within the platform itself.

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