Tackling mathematics revision
By David Hanson
24 Aug
Revision! The word, usually associated with the realisation that an examination is imminent, can bring on feelings of apprehension, and even panic if the available time is short.

‘Where do we start?’ Well, that is the easy part! What can be much more difficult to determine is ‘Where do we finish?’ Where to start can be the same for all children, but where the revision finishes will vary from child to child, depending on a number of factors, not just when the syllabus for the intended examination has been revised.

Galore Park author David Hanson provides some insightful information on how to revise for mathematics using 'Bloom's pyramid' to banish apprehension and panic often associated with revision. 
What is verbal reasoning, and can we prepare for it?
By Chris Pearse
24 Aug

Verbal reasoning is problem solving around words and language, and forms a key element of most secondary school selection and 11+ exams, as well as Year 7 CATs. It is not usually taught during school lessons.

However, there are ways to help your child prepare for the verbal reasoning exam, such as focusing on developing their vocabulary and coming up with a solution to a set of word problems. We've looked at some fun and interesting ways to help you child develop their grasp of word definitions and some fantastic word games to help them prepare. 

Reading for pleasure
By Jackie Barns-Graham
08 Aug
A few weeks into the summer holidays, the weather is unpredictable and even the computer games are getting tedious. Adults say ‘read a book’; a suggestion often met with some resistance, but let’s think about it a bit.

Well-meaning recommendations can be valuable but the most important thing about reading is that it should be for pleasure. It will only be a pleasure if it is a book you enjoy. Young people have often said to me that they can watch the DVD rather than read the book. This is certainly an option, but the thing about a book is that your experience when reading it will be totally unique. You will have pictures in your head of the people and the places that are described whereas, if you watch the DVD, you will be seeing pictures from other people’s imaginations, which are limited further by the actors who play them or the artists who draw them. That’s why you will often hear people say that the film is not as good as the book.
Step it up! Speed up your revision with the Galore Park Learning Ladders
By Natalie Bailey
01 Aug
The unique challenge of the 11+ is to develop your child’s mental agility and reasoning skills so they can out-think and outpace other children for the few places available at the school of your choice. A daunting task if you only have the summer holidays and a few weekends in the autumn term? Well, it depends how you spend your time! The Galore Park Learning Ladders can help you speed up the process in two ways.