How can parents support their child's engagement and learning in science at home?
By Stuart Wilson, Head of Science at Eaton House at the Manor Girls' School
15 Aug

A commonly asked question I hear in meetings with parents is “Is there anything I can do to maintain or improve my child’s engagement in science?” This comes up both for children whose interest in science is high as well as those who have not yet found their feet in the subject, and it is often from parents whose confidence or enthusiasm for science is not in sync with their child’s. Here I’ll be sharing the three tips that are commonly useful: make science a talking point at home, promote different types of enquiry and curiosity (especially informal ones), and find the right resources. (Read time: 3mins)

Review: Common Entrance 13+ Mathematics Revision Guide
By Adam Muckle
09 Aug

Adam Muckle, Honorary Fellow at The Tutors' Association, shares his thoughts on our new Common Entrance 13+ Mathematics Revision Guide. (Read time: 1min)