The new Galore Park 11+ science range
By Natalie at Galore Park
03 Feb

Galore Park has worked with independent school teachers, test writers and specialist authors to create the 11+ Science Revision Guide and 11+ Science Practice Papers, designed to support children taking 11+ entrance exams.

Scope of the science content

Updated to the most recently released syllabus, these books provide a comprehensive revision series for 11+ entrance exams and bespoke tests created for independent schools. The titles cover the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Key Stages 1 and 2, as well as the entire ISEB 11+ syllabus to the end of Year 6. This content includes the topics studied after the ISEB 11+ examinations (flagged within the books), which are needed for preparation of 13+ entrance exams and, particularly, for stretching a school’s own 11+ entrance exams.
This breadth of material is particularly helpful for children applying for more than one school and, therefore, preparing for more than one style of test, since the consistent teaching approach within the series supports children through their entire 11+ experience.

Understanding the titles

Produced by ISEB team leaders and test writers, the examiners’ advice, training questions and test content represents the most accurate suite of 11+ development materials available on the market.
The science titles are designed for short periods of study consolidated by frequent testing. This can be in a classroom situation or in private study.
Working through the titles using the six-point 11+ learning journey – first working through the
Revision Guide and then completing the Practice Papers – enables children to:

  1. devise, describe and record experiments clearly

  2. review and revise the science topics that may be tested in the exams, understand what the examiners are looking for in their answers and develop abilities in problem solving

  3. increase their familiarity with exam-style questions through testing

  4. develop skills in reading questions carefully to ensure answers are focused and accurate

  5. tackle the most challenging questions with confidence

  6. improve accuracy and speed through practice.

All answers are fully explained with a breakdown of marks, enabling children to review questions they may have found challenging and discuss points to look out for in further tests.


Revision Guide

Steps 1 to 5 of the learning journey are covered in the 11+ Science Revision Guide, see the numbers in red below.

  • The first of four chapters in the guide, ‘Working scientifically’ links to the remaining three chapters and provides a grounding in how scientists work in relation to designing, performing and recording experiments.  1

  • Chapters 2 to 4 review in detail the biology, chemistry and physics topics that children may be tested on.  2

  • Topics are covered in two- or four-page sections for 30 minutes to one-hour periods of study and for ease of reference. The information is clear, and focuses on what is required by examiners in the 11+ entrance exams.  1, 2

  • A consistent structure on all learning spreads provides a familiar learning path.

    • Train: straightforward questions introducing the topic.

    • Try: slightly more difficult questions that may require a closer look to decide what to do.

    • Test: timed exam-style questions that give an indication of whether the topic is mastered. Where a number of questions are provided, the last question will generally be more challenging.

    • Key words: listed for children to check the definitions of words they need to know.

    • Exam tips: provided in concise boxes to help improve examination performance.  1, 2, 3

  • Tests at the end of each chapter consolidate the reviewed topics and give practice in working under timed conditions, based on a standard 11+ test.  3, 4, 5                                                                                                                    

Practice Papers

The 11+ Science Practice Papers comprise six single-subject training tests for biology, chemistry and physics (two for each subject) and six model 11+ papers. The papers concentrate on steps 3 to 6 of the learning journey.
Children are advised to work through all the tests in order to improve their accuracy, speed and ability to deal with the most challenging tests in exam conditions.

  • Exam style, e.g. practice paper, mock exam, is indicated before each test.

  • The range of questions has been comprehensively reviewed to ensure coverage of all subject areas.

  • A mix of multiple-choice and standard-format questions give children practice in working with the variation in answering styles expected in the 11+.

  • Single-subject tests are divided into one simpler paper, testing basic understanding of the subject, and a second, more challenging paper, assessing an ability to analyse and apply scientific knowledge.

  • The practice papers are representative of the questions set, including the variety of styles, difficulty and scope. These tests are designed to build confidence and speed to the level required in the 11+ test.

  • The final test is a mock exam designed for final preparation shortly before taking the 11+, and is a realistic experience of a challenging test.

Galore Park has worked with independent and grammar schools, teachers, test writers and specialist authors to produce this comprehensive new range. The complete series also covers English, mathematics, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. For further details about question content, teaching approach and all other questions relating to the new 11+ range, please email:



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