The North London Girls' School Consortium
By Adam Muckle
15 Feb

Adam Muckle is president of The Tutor's Association and has tutored over 200 students. Here he outlines changes made by The North London Girls' Consortium and explains what effect that will have on girls preparing for their entry exam.

The North London Girls' School Consortium was set up to try and reduce the number of exams that children have to sit for the 11 plus. There are two groups of schools within the Consortium.

The Schools

The first group includes Francis Holland (Regent’s Park and Sloane Square), Notting Hill and Ealing High School, Queen’s College, St Helen’s High School, South Hampstead High School and St. Alban’s High School for Girls.

The second group includes Channing School, City of London School for Girls, More House School, Northwood College, Queen’s Gate School, St James’ Senior Girls’ School and the Goldolphin and Latymer School.

The difference between the two groups is that they have different exam papers. So if a girl is to apply to schools in different groups she will have to sit more than one exam.

A new format

Until recently the North London Consortium exam assessment comprised English - both comprehension and writing - and Maths; girls were expected to show their method of working out towards a final answer and with more difficult logic questions decisive for distributing scholarships.

The Consortium recently decided to do away with their subject-specific entrance exams, instead preferring cognitive ability tests and interviews. Following what other boys’ schools are doing with their pretests for Common Entrance, the entrance process is seemingly fairer for all children to show their academic ability, regardless of prior preparation.

How to prepare

As with pre-tests and 11 + using CEM and GL Assessments, any preparation is good, short of lack of familiarisation with the actual test the children will face in the exam itself. There are indeed many ways that children can prepare, in particular looking at the ways to answer questions and understanding the importance of time management in a test environment. Exercise books and online platforms can assist with this. 

Galore Park publish a range of resources to support children preparing for entrance exams for independent schools and adaptive testing (including Consortium, CEM, GL and ISEB). If your daughter is applying to The North London Girls' Consortium, our Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning products could help you to prepare her for the exam

Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning

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