What is the GL Assessment for 11+?
By Adam Muckle
24 Jan
Adam Muckle is President of The Tutors' Association and has tutored over two hundred students over the past seven years. Here he talks us through the content, format and preparation needed for the GL Assessment.

The GL Assessment, a division of Granada Learning Group, provides formative assessments to UK Schools with a digital assessment system. Their tests cover “ability, attitude and attainment” for a “holistic” view of the pupil, which then inform training and track progress. The GL Assessment is often used for CAT4 (Cognitive Ability Tests) in the lead-up to the 11 Plus or pretest. For the 11 Plus specifically, they cover English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Content and Format

In September each year, many children take these tests for grammar school entrance and are used in around half the selective secondary schools and local authorities in England, as well as one of the two entrance assessments for the grammar school admission process in Northern Ireland. Each individual school asks for their test to meet their own specific requirements for format and length.

The reasoning papers test ‘pure’ ability and do not rely on what children have already learnt. Therefore it does not disadvantage children who may have had fewer chances or resources to develop their reading skills and vocabulary. The Maths and English are based on curriculum content up until the early stages of Year 6. Some schools may use the GL Assessment alongside their own internal written tests.


Unlike the CEM 11 plus, there is a Question Bank of 13,000 questions which is continuously developed over a two years with new questions and question types for a new test to be created. Getting familiar with the questions is essential, rather than any need for tutoring, and there are an array of practice exercise books available in all the disciplines and across the assessment providers. Parents should check with their school and/or local authority whether the GL Assessment is being used, as well as the format tailored to each test.

Galore Park have a range books to help with practice and revision for English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. These have been produced specifically for school entrance exams, including the GL, CEM, Consortium, ISEB and school's own 11+ exams. This range will support children at every stage of the revision journey.


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