Top Tips for Last Minute Common Entrance Exam Revision
By Vicky at Galore Park
24 Jan
Is your child sitting their ISEB or independent school Common Entrance exams soon? Planning some last minute revision practice? Check out our top tips to help your child feel prepared for their 11+ or 13+ Common Entrance exam.

Plan their time realistically
Although it’s the last few days before your child’s Common Entrance exam, it doesn’t mean your child has to spend their whole weekend doing last minute cramming. The days leading up to the school entrance exam are all about your child having the opportunity to go through their revision notes and relax before the exam day. Therefore, it’s important to plan their time accordingly, including lots of bitesize revision sessions in easily manageable chunks to help them achieve exam success.

Remember to encourage your child to take breaks
As part of their revision plan for the last few days before their independent school entrance exams, it’s very important to schedule in time for your child to take lots of breaks. As well as helping your child to relax and feel refreshed for the exam, regular revision breaks will also allow the opportunity to digest their revision notes – meaning they stand a better chance of remembering them for the exam. Fresh air and regular breaks are also great for your child’s mental wellbeing.

Look at practice papers
Practice papers are a great way for your child to familiarise themselves with how the exam paper will look. Your child may have already looked at some exam practice papers or completed a few as mock exams in their preparation for their Common Entrance exams so far but it’s a good idea for your child to refamiliarise themselves before the exam day, so they know what to expect.

Be supportive and encouraging
Your child is probably feeling a little anxious ahead of their Common Entrance exam so being supportive and encouraging them will help to put their mind at ease. Being a supportive role model, encouraging a good frame of mind, and using the right motivational language are great ways to help support your child in the run up to their school entrance exams. Read our blog post about how you can help in your child’s 11+ or 13+ exam prep here. We’ve also worked with Dr Kathy Weston, a national expert in parental engagement, who has shared her top tips for helping your child cope with exam stress.

Ensure they get a good night’s sleep
We often hear that a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your mental and physical health and the evidence backs this up. A restful night’s sleep allows your child’s brain to process the revision they have been doing and store it for use in the exam. A good night’s sleep will help your child to wake up feeling refreshed and energised, ready to take on the exam.

Arrange for your child to do something fun over the weekend
Although it can be tempting to spend the whole weekend revising for the Common Entrance exams, your child will feel much more rested and prepared if they do something fun and relaxing – whether that’s as a family or with their friends. While last minute Common Entrance exam revision preparation is great, it’s important to get a good balance. Equally, plan something fun for after the exam. This will help to focus their mind and give them something to look forward to after all their hard work.

Remember the last few days before the school entrance exam isn’t about last minute cramming but more about your child having the opportunity to go through their revision notes, relax before the exam and, importantly, get a good night’s sleep.

Good luck to all pupils taking their 11+ or 13+ ISEB or independent school Common Entrance exams this month!

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