Helping your child revise for the 11+ Science Common Entrance exam
By Leah White
28 Jul
It’s never too early to start thinking about the 11+ Common Entrance exams, or the best ways for your child to revise to secure one of the coveted spots at a top school. Whilst parents are often told that children shouldn’t have to study for the 11+, there’s no harm in getting your child familiar with the style of exam they will face and revising the content that they have already learnt in class.
Fire up your summer 11+ revision with our top seven sizzling tips!
By Natalie Bailey
22 Jul
It’s the summer holidays and time for adventure, barbecues and picnics. So, do you really want to subject your children and yourselves to weeks of desk-bound revision? We suspect the answer is ‘no’ and you’ll be pleased to hear that we would agree!
The 11+ and pre-tests are designed to select children who show exceptional skills in thinking and reasoning, so happy children who enjoy a range of stimulating activities and interests are much more likely to do well. Unsurprisingly, a lively and enquiring mind rarely comes from many hours of intensive study with a pile of books.
Adaptive pre-tests and many 11+ tests also look for speed and accuracy as a sign of mental agility, therefore building your child’s confidence in their own abilities is essential preparation for these quick-fire tests.
Here are our top tips to ignite your child’s thinking skills this summer …

PARENT CASE STUDY: Tackling the 11+ process, with the benefit of hindsight
By Leah White
11 Jul

We spoke to a parent who is embarking on the 11+ preparation process for a second time, having already successfully supported one child in gaining their place at a South-West London grammar school. Now, they are preparing their daughter for the 11+ exams this autumn.

As a family that doesn’t believe in ‘super-tutoring’ from an early age, we were keen to hear how they are preparing for these exams, using Galore Park resources to aid this process – and in particular how they are preparing for the Verbal Reasoning exam ...


Why learn History?
By Natalie Bailey
07 Jul
Gavin Hannah, Galore Park author, passed away this week, and it is with great honour and great sadness that we post this blog in his memory. May his words continue to teach and inspire the love and enjoyment of history and learning. 

The question, Why learn history? has been asked many times in the past, especially by those still at school, and it continues to be an issue  considered by many at all stages of their education. ‘Why do we need to do this stuff?’, ‘What’s the purpose?’, ‘What do we gain from it?’ These are indeed valid questions and merit some consideration.