Can you discover which snail ate the strawberry?
By Sarah Collins
25 Jul

11+ and pre-test revision is all about building thinking skills, improving the ability to think through new situations and problems, working out answers using existing knowledge. This is the second in a series of blogs designed to help build these thinking skills but in a fun and engaging way. Each blog takes one of the most challenging areas of an 11+ subject and sets problems in a slightly different way for your children to solve. This approach builds confidence in tackling question variations that are now increasingly commonplace in today’s 11+ tests. The first article focused on verbal reasoning skills and now we move to non-verbal reasoning.

The question in this blog relates to matrices – one of the most challenging question-types in non-verbal reasoning tests. Although matrix grids can vary (some are made up of squares, others triangles, hexagons and other symmetrical shapes), they all work in a similar way. The matrix is made up of one or more patterns which you need to spot in order to work out what is in a missing cell or cells. These questions can be challenging since the direction of the patterns can go across, down, diagonally or follow a route around the grid.
Because non-verbal reasoning questions have a number of links to maths, building confidence in working with number sequences, patterns with shapes, and rotating images can help you improve your speed and accuracy in solving these problems.
Challenge the detectives in your family to see who can be the first to solve this exploded matrix problem.
Two cheerful snails, Stanley and Stella, live at the edge of a strawberry patch. They both love juicy strawberries and luckily the amiable farmer leaves them a little pile of odd shaped fruits at the end of the day. But one day a beautiful, plump and shiny strawberry began to grow at the edge of the patch and one of our greedy gastropods couldn’t resist the tasty treat. Fill in the missing patterns in the two blank triangles to discover the culprit. 

Click on the grid to open it full size and print it off to draw in the missing patterns.

The answer to our fiendishly difficult question is now available - check your answer now. If you've got the answer, why not let us know on Twitter @galore_park, Instagram @galore_park or Facebook @galore1park.
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