More favourites from our poetry competition
By Emma Crossey
11 Jul

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to share more favourites from our poetry competition, where young poets from across the country let us know 'how reading unlocks the world'. Mia from Focus School, Hindhead Campus, won the poetry competition with her poem The Old Library, and two runners up, Claudia and James, won personalised notebooks and Waterstones vouchers. Enjoy these wonderful entries which made the final round of judging.


The sign says ‘SILENCE’
But the books are whispering to me
Telling tales of foreign lands and forgotten people
Bringing me out into the world
Plotting my future.
This is Where the Wild Things Are
Where wardrobes lead to Narnia
and All children, except one, grow up.
I may have a Secret Garden - or a Christmas without presents
And observe that The Dursleys are perfectly normal.
Read all about it:
How words can change the world
Pamphlets and politics
Suffragettes and civil rights
Revolution is all around me.
Encyclopaedias creak with human endeavour
Science and space travel
Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie
My heroines are sleeping
But all that I can - and dream - is here.
Who else can hear the uproar?
A page turns; a cough
Giggles by the water fountain
A steely stare from Miss Muirhead.
The sign says ‘SILENCE’
But the galaxy is shouting to me from these shelves.

by Claudia from Newton Preparatory School

Where my words travel
Whenever I write or utter a word
it goes on a great journey
from my lips and brain
or from my pen and paper
They spread their wings and fly
and they keep going on
until they find someone troubled,
someone darkened by the unkind world
And when they reach them they take them
somewhere else, to a different world
one of pure intensity and joy
they fling open the door and travel through the world
on the train of hope and dreams
They reach the other world
and in awe of the wonders of it
for my words can be your words
I write my book for you

by James from Tower House School

A chest brimming with descriptive pearls,
Books are wonderful things.
Once they were only fit for kings,
Cos’ reading enlightens the world.
If you can read then you can imagine,
If you can imagine then you can dream,
And if you follow your dream then it might seem
That reading inspires the world.
Some reading sceptics erroneously think,
That books are only for show,
But this must be wrong as you and I know,
That reading uplifts the world.
If you read then you can discover,
If you discover you’ll find open doors,
Open doors in that you can explore,
If you explore then you can do more,
You’ll suddenly find that the world is yours,
Cos’ reading uncovers the world.
An inferno of thoughts ever growing and powerful,
An authors notes can persuade and teach,
Literature can inform or preach,
Cos’ reading unites the world.
If you can read then you can learn,
If you can learn you will progress,
If you progress you’ll find success,
Cos’ reading unlocks the world.

by Gabriel from Moor Park School

Rough paper beneath my old wrinkled hands,
Transporting me to distant realms,
I don’t feel my grief when I hold it,
Stories free me of my burdens,
And exciting feelings entice me to it,
A light inside me rekindles.
This assortment of words,
The characters fill my mind with mystery,
A precious piece of magic is in my hands,
They enchant me to imaginary worlds
Where extraordinary events happen,
Inside my compact world.
My rocking chair holds no excitement ,
I live by what I grip in my hands,
Even now I can overcome all the odds
To fulfil breathtaking accomplishments,
With a book in my hands,
I can unlock the world.

by Gigi from Moor Park School

The Eigth Wonder of the World

The eighth wonder of the world is just a page away.
The life threatening area of the Capitol,
The thought of one bad decision and you're dead.
Watching people die
Killing people just to save yourself
It's just the flight of an arrow away.
The sorrow of living without a family,
Stuck doing work instead of being free in the city.
Matron Bottomley divides the future of the foundlings.
Be careful, don't be naughty otherwise it's the Tench!
It's just one flick of a quill away.
The eighth wonder of the world is the magnificent chocolate factory,
The love between Charlie and Grandpa Joe,
The excitement of the Golden Ticket!
The wonder of the Glass Elevator!
It's all just a search of the bookshelf away.
The terror of Zimbabwe, seeing Amai and Grandpa Longdrop dead,
The luxury of the flying tomato farm,
The horror of being banned from playing football every Sunday.
Deo and Innocent's journey to find their dad in South Africa,
It's a cross of the border away.
The Hogwarts Express awaits,
Be good and make sure you don't get into Dumbledore's bad books,
Broomsticks at the ready, heart thumping loud,
Are you ready for the big game? It's gonna be fierce!
The battle for the Golden Snitch is uppermost in everybody's mind.
It's all just a potion away.
All around the world the eighth wonder hides.
It can take you anywhere! The moon, under the sea!

by Phoebe from Hurlingham School

A story starter.
A big imagination.
A job beginner.
A colour giver.
A wide universe teller.
A nature teacher.
A story printer.
A dictionary gives words.
A wow word giver.
A dream reminder.
A strong heart replenisher.
A smile explorer.
Once you can read,
you can write!

by George from Caldicott Prep School

Into the World of Wonder
a poem inspired by Kit Wright's "The Magic Box"
In my box I will put...
Three Fossils pirouetting in their tutus;
The flick of Hermione Granger's wand;
An idiosyncratic man and his library;
The scratchiness of a foundling uniform.
In my box I will put...
The blood from a Poirot murder case;
The laziness of Greg Heffley;
Some fresh snow from Mount Everest;
Turkish delight from Narnia.
In my box I will put...
Tilly's raspberry pink bridesmaids' dress;
Fleck's blue flannel to comfort him;
Courage in the key of Jan's Silver Sword;
Greenery from the soldiers of Birnam Wood.
It will be made of...
Willy Wonka's eccentric chocolate;
Pentomino pieces assembled by Calder.
There is hope in the bottom corner, and
The fluttering wings of Skellig make the lid.
I galloped on Black Beauty, his mane flapping in the wind.
We rode to Avonlea and played with Diana all day.
I travelled around the world in eighty days,
Arriving in Pakistan to protest about girls' rights and freedom.

By Cecily from Hurlingham School

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