Review: Common Entrance 13+ Latin Revision Guide
By Adam Muckle
27 Jul

This Latin Revision Guide is very useful, especially with its Golden Rules sections and study skills throughout the book. It is very clear about its purpose and how students can use it effectively.

It is very clear on the content of the Common Entrance exam. There are good exam style exercises and unseen translation passages. It highlights how to approach each question and what to watch out for in terms of exam technique.

In terms of grammar content, the book outlines all the indicative mood tenses from past, present and future, infinitives, imperatives and irregulars. It explains all five declensions and the importance of gender, number and case when adjectives agree with nouns. It also highlights the pronouns to learn for the exam, often learnt by students at the last minute, in my experience. Numbers, prepositions, subordinate clauses are also duly covered.

The passive voice, indirect statements and locatives are explained neatly towards the end of the book: core areas for Level 3. The main distinction of the syllabus now is that the subjunctive mood and its constructions are not covered for this, left for scholarship candidates to grasp. There is a very helpful vocabulary list, and answers, at the back of the book.

This guide will go a long way for any student wishing to revise and learn the core areas for their CE exam.

Adam Muckle is originally from Belfast and studied Classics at Durham University. After training as a Barrister, a chance conversation led him unexpectedly to tutoring. Over the past 11 years, Adam has tutored in London, throughout the British Isles, Europe, Asia and online. He is an Honorary Fellow of The Tutors’ Association, the professional body for tutoring in the UK, and served as its President from 2016 to 2019. For more information, please visit

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