And the winner of our competition is...
By Emma Crossey
23 Jun
To celebrate the launch of our new English textbooks (English for Key Stage 2 and English for Common Entrance), we invited children aged 7-13 to send us a poem letting us know how reading unlocked the world.

We received almost 200 entries, and the judges were hugely impressed with the quality of all poems received. Thank you to all the budding poets who entered; we hope you continue writing poetry, and loving reading. 

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the competition, winning a Kindle and a hamper full of books for her school is:
Mia from Focus School, Hindhead Campus. 

Read Mia’s fantastic poem below:

The old library
My nostrils flared
Taking in the sharp, cold air.
My mind swirled as the rumbling tempest of hooves grew ever deafening.
Then swords sliced the silence of night
As we tore headlong into the heart of battle.
The chorus of chaos, of destruction and death
Accompanied the thumping of my heart, like an African drum.
Then the flash of steel…
And perspiration ran like blood down my back
And I slammed down the book, and took up another.
I was there.
Breathing the heavenly air.
The warm, evening breeze carrying the timeless hymns
Of songbirds, as the sun sat low and I rested the book on my lap.
I closed my eyes…
And gripped the key.
The old lock turned reluctantly, and the heavy oak door swung wide
On it’s protesting hinges.
There like a cave full of treasure,
Like a world of wisdom, a fountain of knowledge,
Tales true, tales false,
Tales of folly and falsehood, of joy and despair,
A world unlocked.
The old library beckoned.

Head judge, and author of English at Key Stage 2, Victoria Burrill, said:

"Mia's poem really brought the library to life as she painted a picture with her words.  She built up the atmosphere very effectively and I could really imagine being there, wanting to unlock the treasure of the library.  Books are precious and exciting and she conveyed this really well."

Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations once again to Mia.

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