Which resources do our customers recommend?
By Emma Crossey
28 Jun
We know our resources can support your child at every stage of the revision journey but don't just take our word for it. Check out what these parents, tutors and teachers have to say, letting us know which Galore Park resources they found most helpful for entrance exam success. 

11+ and pre-test revision resources

"Of all the resources reviewed, we’ve found Galore Park most user-friendly, well-laid out, organised and methodical… we’re not using tutors except for English, which is my son’s least strong area. Galore Park material has helped us immensely here, in particular the 11+ English revision guide."

- Rohit Kumar, father of son who will be sitting the 11+

"The Mathematics Practice Papers are very good and have given [my daughter] extra confidence knowing the type of questions she might get asked. Makes it all less scary for them. Highly recommended!"

- Parent, whose daughter sat the 11+

"The 11+ Verbal Reasoning workbook has been particularly helpful in highlighting areas in which our child already demonstrates core competency (or not, as the case may be) [...] We’ve found diligent use of the ‘progress record’ at the front of the publication to be an excellent motivator."

- Parent, embarking on the 11+ for a second time

"The new series of pre test, 11+ and 13+ books, particularly (in my experience) Verbal Reasoning, is a great way for children to test and expand their vocabulary and learning. They can familiarise themselves with the whole range of questions and curriculum content as well as getting specific help and assistance from their tutor. It is a great combination."

- Adam Muckle, Head of the Tutor's Association 

"Test yourself frequently. [...] Frequent retrieval practice – that is to say: recalling concepts or meaning – is one of the most effective ways to ensure you commit something to memory more permanently. Testing yourself is easier than ever these days, with [...] books designed to build exam technique with exam-paper style questions, such as Galore Park’s 11+ Practice Paper range across English, Mathematics, Science, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning."

- José Picardo, Assistant Principal at Surbiton High School

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13+ revision resources

"The religious studies syllabus is, in a nutshell, a big chunk of the Old Testament, a big chunk of the New, a whole slew of Contemporary Issues and then two world religions, all to be rememberd in great detail [...] so the Religious Studies 13+ Revision Guide endorsed by the Independent Schools Examinations Board is essential."

- Jane Gillespie, mother who has tackled the 11+ twice, and now the 13+


"For the dreaded geography, look in the revision guide for the diagrams which are labeled “You will need to learn this diagram” and embark upon a one-a-night programme of learning to draw them. If your child learns the annotations at the same time, plus a case study for each of the sections of the exam, you’re more than half way there. Then – learn the geographical locations and teach them Ordnance Survey map skills – that’s two more sections of the exam covered."

- Jane Gillespie, mother who has tackled the 11+ twice, and now the 13+

"Use the Exam Practice Questions and Answers books for examples and I promise you, you will feel less overwhelmed."

- Jane Gillespie, mother who has tackled the 11+ twice, and now the 13+



"A very good workbook. Covered nearly everything and easy to use. Certainly helped with revision and results." 

- Amazon Customer, five star review


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And finally, although not included in our sale...

"I found the real past ISEB papers the most helpful - particularly at the final stage of revision. My son could take the papers under mock exam conditions, be prepared for the look and feel of the paper and highlight any areas which might need more work."

- Santokh Rahala, whose son passed the 13+, becoming a King's Scholar at Eton

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