Preparing your child for Pre-Test and 11+ exams: when to begin?
By Natalie Bailey
17 May
Pre-Test and 11+ preparation is something many parents and children dread. When the school day is already full and evenings are taken up with activities and homework, it is tempting to wait until the last few months to concentrate fully on the tests – but this can be a mistake.
Building familiarity takes time
Whether we like it or not, the truth is that the 11+ tests are an important stage in your child’s school career and the results matter. It is also true that these are likely to be very different to other tests they will take, both in content and approach.

How I made Mathematics for Common Entrance engaging for all children
By Natalie Bailey
11 May
 ISEB Common Entrance at 13+ mathematics exams are just around the corner - so as your child is busy ensuring they have grasped all of the relevant mathematical concepts, we thought it would be a good time to hear from the author behind the Galore Park Mathematics for Common Entrance series, Serena Alexandra.

Serena, tells us about her memories of maths at school, and how she used her experiences to ensure Maths Years 3-6, and Mathematics for Common Entrance 1-3  would be engaging for all children, even those who don’t like maths …

Parent-approved revision and practice resources
By Leah White
04 May

When it comes to deciding which books will work best for your child, nothing beats genuine recommendations from parents who have been in the same situation you are currently in. So, we spoke to some of our customers and asked them what they would say to other parents about Galore Park’s revision and practice resources, and if there were any particular books they would recommend …