Exam practice for the new CE 13+ History exam
By Bob Pace, chief CE History exam setter at ISEB
26 May

Bob Pace, chief CE History exam setter at ISEB and History Exam Practice Questions and Answers author, shares more about the new History exam practice book. (Read time: 2 mins)

Top tips for revising for the new 13+ maths exams
By Stephen Froggatt and David Hanson
17 May

Common Entrance Maths authors, Stephen Froggatt and David Hanson, share their top practical tips for revising efficiently for the new 13+ Maths exams. (Read time: 2 mins)

How to revise for the CE 13+ English exams
By Elly Lacey
13 May

With the new CE specification for English being rolled out this year and ready to examine next year, how pupils revise for these exams will soon be top of the agenda. But the pupils of 2022 and beyond are different to the pupils who came before them so the way they revise and how they think about the subject is different too. How do we avoid the often-heard cries of ‘But how do you revise for English?’ and cater to a new generation? Author Elly Lacey shares some ways to get started. (Read time: 3 mins)