Increase in registrations for ISEB Common Pre-Tests
By Kate Allen
30 Nov

ISEB has been pleased to welcome many more schools to the Common Pre-Tests this year, with registrations continuing to rise. Some of this activity has arisen as a consequence of the pandemic, as more senior schools turn to this assessment as one part of their admission process, together with the Head’s Report, other test scores and any interviews or activities held on site.

There are several aspects which make the tests attractive to schools, parents and candidates. The Common Pre-Tests assess both potential (through verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions) and attainment in English and mathematics (where all questions relate to ground pupils will have covered in the National Curriculum up to the end of Year 5). The tests are designed in such a way that repeated practice will not continuously improve performance, although it is important for candidates’ confidence that they familiarise themselves with the nature of the tests and we provide a familiarisation test for this purpose.

Each candidate takes the Common Pre-Tests once, with the results being made available to senior schools to which he/she has applied: this minimises stress and anxiety for candidates and we encourage parents to recognise this significant advantage. Finally, the tests are both adaptive and standardised by age: candidates’ routes through the questions are adapted according to their answers and they can recover from early wrong answers to attain a score that matches their ability; and there is no incentive to take the tests more than once or later in the year.

Additional information for schools and parents can be found here.

Galore Park publish comprehensive revision resources for pupils preparing for the ISEB Common Pre-Tests. Our revision guides, workbooks and practice papers are available in English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Plus, our Study Skills book features practical tips on preparing for the pre-tests and 11+ entrance exams, advice on how to revise effectively, and guidance on how to overcome exam stress.

We have also partnered with Atom Learning whose online, adaptive mock tests feature more than 20,000 questions covering mathematics, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning which are set in the style of the online pre-tests. An algorithm adapts to the pupil’s level just like the real pre-tests, meaning the questions get more difficult as the pupil goes along. Progress reports can be viewed by parents and schools to identify areas which need improvement.

Atom Learning is best used alongside Galore Park’s 11+ and pre-test revision resources as part of our tried and trusted revision journey. 

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