Mastering revision techniques over the holidays
By Elizabeth Holtom, Author of Study Skills, the complete guide to smart learning
26 Oct
Holidays are the perfect time for children to start building up a collection of entrance exam revision resources.  They can begin to create their own learning library.  I recommend that they get into the habit of doing this as soon as they have embarked on their Common Entrance syllabus.  By the time they get to their final exams in year 8, they will have a well- stocked library to draw upon.
First National Tutoring Conference for The Tutors' Association
By Emma Swanson, Director of The Tutors' Association
21 Oct
On Monday 24th October The Tutors' Association is hosting its first National Tutoring conference in the beautiful setting of Stowe School in Buckinghamshire. With a theme of ‘Legacy of Learning’ we are looking forward to hearing from some truly inspiring keynote speakers who will share their insights into the importance of Legacy and how we, as educators, can transfer this to our students.

Gearing up for the exams
By José Picardo
14 Oct
José Picardo, Assistant Principal at Surbiton High School, reflects on his own childhood study habits and how he's come to realise he could have taken a far more effective approach...

When I was at school I wasn’t a terrible student, but I was terrible at studying. Yes, I was good at cramming my head full of facts and concepts at the very last minute that I was able to recall for tests and exams, but the good grades I often obtained concealed the fact that I wasn’t learning very much at all in this way.  Every exam was an uphill struggle and, as soon as it had finished I would forget a considerable amount if not most of what I had learnt.
Are your children drinking enough water?
By Elizabeth Holtom
04 Oct
Did you know that a child's body is about 70% water, and brain about 85% water. We can only survive a few days without water as it helps to mediate every function in the brain and the body.  It is therefore really important to make sure your children drink enough water, especially when they are very active ...
Important news about the Galore Park Website
By Morwenna Evans
01 Oct
This weekend, we are carrying out some essential maintenance on the Galore Park website. This should cause minimal disruption to your use of the site, however there is a chance you might experience some problems logging in or registering for a web account.