TTA Conference 2017
By Athena at Galore Park
30 Oct
With an estimated 2.8 million students in the UK receiving private tuition, it is difficult to regulate the services that are being offered. The Tutors' Association is a professional body for tutoring and the wider supplementary education sector in the UK. It aims to provide reassurance to parents by guaranteeing that the tutors that they represent are committed to professional standards. 
13+ geography mapwork: finding your way to success
By James Dale-Adcock
03 Oct
Developing and advancing pupils’ ability to understand how to use maps and how to apply map skills is more important today than ever before. Of course mastering map work skills is intrinsic to success at Common Entrance, but moreover it brings a heightened level of spatial awareness that has been linked to higher levels of attainment in non-verbal reasoning and several areas of the maths curriculum. Even better, they might actually be able to find where they are going when the sat nav crashes and the phone or wifi signal is no good!