TTA Conference 2017
By Athena at Galore Park
30 Oct
With an estimated 2.8 million students in the UK receiving private tuition, it is difficult to regulate the services that are being offered. The Tutors' Association is a professional body for tutoring and the wider supplementary education sector in the UK. It aims to provide reassurance to parents by guaranteeing that the tutors that they represent are committed to professional standards. 

On Monday 23rd October, The Tutors’ Association held its annual conference at the Barbican Centre. The main focus of this year’s conference seemed to be the themes of inclusivity and self-regulation, and the role that the TTA, as an accredited body, can play in encouraging ethical practices within the supplementary education sector.

One highlight of the conference included a keynote address by Mary Curnock Cook OBE, former Chief Executive of UCAS, who discussed the role that tutoring should play in educating young people in the UK. She argued that tutoring should be used to fill in the gaps in a child’s education, particularly where poor study skills are an issue. She also went on to consider how private tuition could be made more accessible to low-income families or students with special needs, proposing the introduction of a bursary scheme as a solution. Another topic that she addressed was that of ethical practices within private tutoring, and the need for a regulation body within the Tutors’ Association to protect the safety of young children – especially in the case of one-to-one tutoring.

This focus on the health and safety of students was further highlighted by Olivia Raw, school counsellor and psychotherapist, who discussed the theme of mental health in relation to ‘Generation Z’. She explained that teenagers are lonelier, more anxious, and more depressed than ever before, and that stress is a big factor in this. The importance of students’ physical and mental wellbeing is something that we explore in our Study Skills series, which you can take a look at here.

As one of the event’s sponsors, we were delighted by the sea of red Galore Park bags that were floating around the venue, as well as by the interest that was shown in our resources. There was a particularly positive response to our revision resources – including our 11+ and pre-test revision guides, workbooks and practice papers, and our 13+ revision guides, exam practice papers and exam practice answers. From the loyal customers who have championed Galore Park for their tutoring resources for years, to the new customers who were looking for high-quality, ISEB-approved resources, we were overwhelmed with the encouraging feedback that we received.

If you are considering hiring a tutor for your child, check out The Tutors’ Association’s website here.

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