60% of exam success is based on confidence, and here's how to get it…
By Adam Muckle, President of The Tutors' Association
20 Sep
I have been tutoring for seven years, initially tutoring Latin and Classical Greek. Since 2012, families have approached me for general tuition for public schools examinations, particularly the Eton King's Scholarship in the arts subjects. Over this period, I have also learned more and more about the process and pressures that children - and parents -are going through, particularly at the application and pre-test stages. 
Preparing for the new academic year
By Elizabeth Holtom
09 Sep
As children returned to school this week after the summer holidays I can never quite believe how fast the weeks have rushed by.
Although I don’t feel quite ready to turn my mind to preparing for the new academic year, I know I must.
The school uniform, new shoes and trainers will have been purchased, but have you considered the additional things that can be done to help prepare your child for a successful year of studying?

Technology in the Classroom
By Jose Picardo
06 Sep
José Picardo, assistant principal at Surbiton High School, tells us about the development of the school’s digital strategy for supporting teaching and learning ...

At Surbiton High School we have created an environment where teachers and students use digital technology habitually to support teaching and learning. We have achieved this by investing in professional development, connectivity infrastructure and by providing every member of staff and student with a tablet device.