Deciphering 3rd declension nouns
By Nicholas Oulton
27 Sep
Nick Oulton, author of our Latin for Common Entrance resources, tackles the sometimes tricky topic of 3rd declension nouns.

Anyone who has ever learnt Latin will know that 3rd declension nouns are pigs. The happy days of masculine nouns ending in –US and feminine ones ending in –A are over, and we have to face the world with a new determination and lots of chocolate.  I mean, how else are we to cope with a chap who starts off COMES and ends up COMITES, or sets off into the world as CONIUNX and transforms merrily into CONIUGES? It’s enough to give you palpitations.
Organisons-nous - Organising your French Curriculum
By Nigel Pearce
06 Sep

Nigel Pearce, author of our French for Common Entrance series, explains the importance of organisation when teaching French for Common Entrance.

French for Common Entrance was written in order to marshal a whole collection of resources amassed over the years and turn them into something that would favour the teaching of French in a certain way.  The current new edition is essentially a complete rewrite of the original set of books - which has taken a couple of years to do - and so I thought it might be useful to offer a few words on how best to use the materials.