Future Development of ISEB Common Entrance
By Durell Barnes (Chair of ISEB)
02 Oct

Durell Barnes, Chair of ISEB, has shared ISEB's vision and aims for how Common Entrance will continue to develop in the future. 

Can you develop spatial reasoning?
By Chris Pearse
15 Jul

Chris Pearse, author of several Galore Park Verbal Reasoning 11+ revision books, discusses the increasing use of spatial reasoning questions in 11+ exams and what activities children can do to build this skill.

Give your child the right tools to succeed in their school entrance exams
By Louise Martine
17 Jun

Louise Martine, author of Study Skills 11+ and a mother of four, explains the best type of support parents can give their children who are taking school entrance exams.

How can my child’s comprehension skills be improved?
By Chris Pearse
21 May

If your child is taking an 11+/Common Entrance or 13+ exam they will probably encounter a comprehension exercise. As with many subjects there are several strategies and techniques which can be learnt to improve your comprehension knowledge. This blog will give suggestions on how best to develop these skills.

Active learning and how it helps with revision
By Elizabeth Holtom
02 May

Reluctant learners see studying as a chore.  Keen learners see studying as an opportunity. Whatever their starting point, we want to encourage everyone to study in as effective a way as possible by becoming actively engaged in their studies.  After all, the better they get at studying, the more time they will have for fun.  Here are some tips on how to be an active learner.