Tips for revision, from start to finish
By Galore Park
06 Apr

Galore Park, in conjunction with the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB), has created an easy-to-read guide for parents. The Parent Guide provides information about the exams that your child is likely to take when applying for senior school, such as the 11 plus, 13 plus and CASE, it also gives advice on how to support your child in their preparation for those exams. Here we've pulled out some key tips to take some of the stress from the revision process. 

Stress- how to minimise the effects when studying
By Elizabeth Holtom
28 Mar

Children in year 8 are preparing for Common Entrance exams in the summer term, possibly the first really important exams of their school life.  How children cope with these potentially stressful challenges will vary from one individual to another. 

Does the Galore Park Pre-Test and 11+ range actually work?
By Sarah Collins
02 Mar

They look appealing and child friendly, but does the Galore Park Pre-Test and 11+ range actually work?

This is a fair question and one that we get asked a lot.

Thinking outside the box - stimulating family projects
By David Hanson
01 Mar
 Have you ever wondered what to do with your child that
  • encourages lateral thinking
  • stimulates creativity
  • stretches the imagination
  • reinforces ideas in a core subject
  • can be done anywhere, any time
  • is fun
  • costs nothing?
The North London Girls' School Consortium
By Adam Muckle
15 Feb

The North London Girls' School Consortium was set up to try and reduce the number of exams that children have to sit for the 11 plus. There are two groups of schools within the Consortium.