The ‘Five a Day’ Summer Challenge Blogs - English
By Sarah Collins
13 Aug

After the last few months of home learning, few parents are keen to launch into even more work over the summer holidays. Nevertheless, after all the challenges you have overcome, you are now in a unique position to build on this shared knowledge to help your child through the 11+… and this is why this summer’s Revision Challenge has a bit of a twist to it.

Preparing pupils in Hong Kong for the UK school entrance process
By Adam Muckle
05 Aug

Living in Hong Kong? Preparing for the UK pre-tests and school entrance exams? International tutor, Adam Muckle, share his top tips and guidance from his experiences tutoring in Hong Kong.

5 Top Tips for Preparing for 11+ Grammar School Entry
By Atom Learning
03 Aug

Preparation for grammar school entry can begin at any point from Year 3. We recommend that the latest you should start preparing is in Year 5. In this blog post, our partners, Atom Learning, share their top tips on how to prepare for the grammar school entrance tests.

What we learned during lockdown
By Vicky Duggan
30 Jul

As this exceptional and exhausting summer term now draws to an end, we have time to reflect on the last few months of teaching through lockdown, both at school and from home. As a profession, we have learnt so much from this highly unusual experience and now we have the time to consider how this will impact our practice in the future. Vicky Duggan, author of our 11+ English resources and Director of Studies and Head of English at The Granville School, shares the lessons she's learned during lockdown.

How to revise effectively
By Vicky at Galore Park
21 Jul

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of revision is to reread work done previously to improve one’s knowledge of a subject, typically to prepare for an examination. In Louise Martine’s book Study Skills: Building the study skills needed for 11+ and pre-tests, she looks at how you can help your children revise more effectively by looking at how they learn.