Study skills: the science behind the power of sleep and revision
By Elizabeth Holtom
19 Mar
Students are fast approaching the final exams of their prep school lives.  How effectively are they using their study skills?  Would a few changes to their schedule at home make a big difference to their exam readiness in the summer term? In this blog, Elizabeth Holtom looks at two areas worth considering with an explanation of the science behind them.
How to develop a strong vocabulary
By Chris Pearse
06 Mar
A good vocabulary is integral to success in 11+/common entrance exams. Besides, learning new words should be fun and something that you can do with the people around you. This article will provide useful suggestions on how to develop a deep and wide vocabulary.
The differences between GL Assessment and CEM 11+ tests
By Galore Park
05 Feb

The 11+ tests used by secondary schools to help decide which pupils to select are often written by either Granada Learning (GL) or CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring). This blog provides an insight into the differences between these exam boards and outlines how best to prepare for each 11+ test. It has been written by Chris Pearse, author of several Galore Park Verbal Reasoning resources.

New Year Study Resolutions: using 'metacognition' to inspire children's learning
By Elizabeth Holtom
21 Jan

Elizabeth Holtom explains what strategy you really need to use if you are to keep a New Year's Resolution, and how this can support a child on their revision journey. She is the author of the Galore Park book Study Skills: Building the study skills needed for 13+ and beyond. As pupils follow this step-by-step, interactive guide they become confident and resourceful learners ready for the challenges at prep school and beyond.

Pre-Test revision on the go
By Sarah Collins
19 Nov

In this blog we look at what Pre-Test actually entails and ways to include meaningful preparation into everyday life, with some advice from our forebears!