Boost eBooks 

Boost eBooks are interactive, accessible and flexible. They use the latest research and technology to provide the very best experience for students and teachers.

Boost eBooks are now available.


Personalise: Easily navigate the eBook with search, zoom and an image gallery. Make it your own with notes, bookmarks and highlights.

Revise: Select key facts and definitions in the text and save them as flash cards for revision.

Listen: Many of our eBooks use text-to-speech to make the content more accessible to students and improve comprehension and pronunciation.

Switch: Seamlessly move between the printed view for front-of-class teaching and the interactive view for independent study.

Download: Access eBooks offline on any device – in school, at home or on the move – with the Boost eBooks app (available on Android and iOS).


How our new generation eBooks work...

It's simple. Find what you need, when you need it. Add notes, bookmarks and highlights for recap and revision.

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