New Publishing for 13+ Common Entrance

New Publishing for 13+ Common Entrance

New Publishing for 13+ Common Entrance

Galore Park are publishing new textbooks and revision books to match the new ISEB Common Entrance at 13+ specifications. These new resources will help your pupils achieve their full potential in the ISEB 13+ Common Entrance exams and other Independent School exams at 13+. Contact our Schools Consultant, Candis Thurston, on to find out more.

First teaching: September 2021
First exams: November 2022


Elly Lacey supports your pupils in developing a love of reading and enhanced comprehension skills across a wide range of challenging, diverse and engaging themes with the new English series.
English for Common Entrance


Serena Alexander guides you through the new ISEB 13+ CE specification, enabling you to support your pupils on their journey to becoming proficient and confident in Mathematics.
Mathematics for Common Entrance


Ron Pickering brings his renowned expertise and attention to detail to the new Science series for Common Entrance and Key Stage 3, motivating your pupils to excel as they think and work as scientists.
Science for Common Entrance


Trust John Widdowson and his extensive experience to guide you through the new ISEB 13+ CE Geography specification so you can help your pupils build confidence, proficiency and a love of Geography.
Geography for Common Entrance


From Medieval Realms to Britain and Empire, Rosemary Rees and Martin Collier guide you through the new ISEB 13+ CE specification, supporting your pupils in developing a passion for History and mastering key skills.
History for Common Entrance


Support pupils preparing for the French 13+ exams with rigorous revision and exam practice resources which shows pupils what to expect in the exam and how to prepare for each section.
French for Common Entrance



These rigorous, ISEB-endorsed revision and exam practice resources cover all the content that could be tested in the exam, helping you to feel confident and able to do your best.
Latin for Common Entrance


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Study Skills

The Study Skills guide gives pupils the essential skills they need to learn and revise efficiently, cope with stress effectively, and feel confident and fully prepared to do their best in exams.
Study Skills 13+


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