If you decide to receive your Advance Order exam papers online, you and your colleagues can access all the PDFs, images, MP3 audio files direct from Dynamic Learning online anytime, anywhere, forever.
What is Dynamic Learning?
Dynamic Learning from Hodder Education is an online service.
What is included in the Online Collection?
The online collection will include all the files for that exam sitting (11+, 13+ or CASE) in one place on Dynamic Learning. This includes PDFs of each exam paper, mark scheme, examiner’s transcript and audio files as MP3. (For 13+, you will also be sent 20 printed copies of the OS maps.) Any of these files can be downloaded for printing, or viewed on a whiteboard/projector.
How do I get access?
You will be sent login details to Dynamic Learning as soon as the Advance Orders are released. If you purchase a second Online Collection, you will be able to use the same login details and all future purchases will be added to the same account, making it easier to find past papers.
Who can access the files?
The Online Collection is purchased for an institution, so any teacher within your institution can create their own unique login to access the same files.
How long does the access last for?
If you purchase the Online Collection you will have access to this material forever. Access is anytime, anywhere, and is unlimited.
What are the technical specifications?
Dynamic Learning is accessed online; please click the following link for browser specifications:
http://www.hoddereducation.co.uk/usingdynamiclearning#What system requirements do I need to use Dynamic Learning?   

If you have further questions regarding Online Collections, please email us