11+ revision? Surely it’s time for a break!
By Natalie Bailey
16 Jun
The children are tired at the end of a long school year and you’ve just put your feet up after running everybody back and forth… so the last thing you all need is more work.

The truth is that everybody needs a break, though with so many children competing for so few places, the unfortunate reality is that if your family doesn’t do the work there are plenty more who will. But, if it does have to start now, the real question is how to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Buying an armload of test materials and sitting your child down to work through them is demotivating and bewildering and so choosing a product that helps you to help them is incredibly important.

Modular courses can save time
One to two hours of well-planned work a day is vastly more productive than long afternoons spent ploughing through endless tests. Therefore using materials broken into units and designed for these short bursts of study help you to plan the day and make sure the study time spent is productive and rewarding.

Understanding the answer is vital!
If neither you nor your child understands why an answer is wrong, then the chances are they will make the same mistake in the tests. Always look at the answers in resources to make sure they are fully explained and make sense to you!

Search out books with a wide variety of questions
11+ tests have recently gone through significant changes with question variations introduced each year. Because resources targeted at CEM and GL tests tend to be produced with reference to previous tests, new series are now being created that cover a much wider range of questions to ensure children experience all the question styles they are likely to encounter.

Find out if the content is challenging enough for the tests
Independent schools set their own, more challenging, tests meaning many standard products can be pitched too low. Pre-tests delivered online introduce an additional challenge since both speed AND accuracy are being tested so resources that increase speed through practice are worth considering.

Learning away from the desk
Playing games together that make you all think, both traditional and electronic – the 11+ and pre-tests are all testing your child’s ability to problem-solve, analyse data and respond quickly. This is particularly true of adaptive pre-tests, which deliver increasingly difficult questions when correct responses are given. Both speed and accuracy are rewarded in these online tests.

Courses explaining links between subjects can speed up revision
Understanding how skills in Maths and English relate to questions in verbal- and non-verbal reasoning can speed of the process of learning and also enable you to help your child work out the most challenging questions. 

Look for resources that work together
A well-planned series where the content and headings link between the revision, practice and tests materials makes it easy to pinpoint teaching and exercises that help your child to practise concepts they find challenging. Established series often contain a wealth of content, but are not necessarily easy to find your way through.

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