11+ and Pre-Test Revision

11+ and Pre-Test Revision

A new wave of publishing across English, mathematics, science, non-verbal and verbal reasoning.

Ensure entrance exam success with our new range of revision resources for 11+ and pre-tests, produced with the support of  tutors, independent school teachers, test writers and specialist authors, specifically for independent school entrance exams, including CEM, GL and ISEB.

1) Revision Guides
Consolidate revision with all the key information in one place and help children to understand the question types for all the topics which could be tested at Pre-Tests and 11+ entrance exams.
  • Designed for short bursts of study that can easily be fitted around homework
  • Features helpful insight into the exams, with examples, practical tips and advice
  • Test understanding and technique with timed, levelled, exam style questions


2) Workbooks
Increase confidence with practice of even more question variations, and apply knowledge learned in the Revision Guide with our write-in workbooks.
  • Teach children to apply the knowledge learned in the Revision Guides
  • Improve skills with progressively stretching exam-style questions
  • Train to build speed and familiarity
  • Contents pages double up as a record sheet to record sections completed and test scores

3) Practice Papers
Perfect exam technique by practising with a variety of exam paper styles under time pressure.
  • Levelled papers to help build skills for top marks
  • Improve response rates with timed papers
  • Build exam-room confidence py practising with a variety of exam-paper styles
  • Identify weaker areas and improve results with detailed answers and commentary
4) ISEB Past Papers
Galore Park is the exclusive seller of real ISEB past exam papers, for 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance. Exam papers are the ideal last step in the revision journey.
Study Skills: Building the study skills needed for 11+, Pre-tests, 13+ and beyond

Age appropriate resources developed exclusively for independent school exam preparation.

These books will help support children in overcoming exam stress and reaching their full potential, and will set the foundations for a positive and holistic learning attitude that will last throughout their learning career.