13+ geography mapwork: finding your way to success
By James Dale-Adcock
03 Oct
Developing and advancing pupils’ ability to understand how to use maps and how to apply map skills is more important today than ever before. Of course mastering map work skills is intrinsic to success at Common Entrance, but moreover it brings a heightened level of spatial awareness that has been linked to higher levels of attainment in non-verbal reasoning and several areas of the maths curriculum. Even better, they might actually be able to find where they are going when the sat nav crashes and the phone or wifi signal is no good!
How Galore Park helped my son excel at 13 plus
By Teri at Galore Park
26 Sep

Since 1999, Galore Park has supported thousands of children through 11 plus, pre-test and 13 plus entrance exams. We know our resources are thorough, clear and engaging -  but don't just take our word for it, why not hear from one of our delighted customers? We spoke to Karis Allanso and her son Kenzo who recently excelled at 13 plus Common Entrance. Why did they choose to use Galore Park resources, and would they recommend them?  

Are the skills tested at 13+ useful in life after school?
By David Hanson
19 Sep
"What’s the point in learning this?" is the inevitable question posed by almost every child at some point during the revision process. In a world where children have the entirety of the internet in their pocket, revision might seem increasingly irrelevant.

But as with all education, what’s gained from 13 plus revision far exceeds the knowledge itself. We asked David Hanson, who has been a member of both 11 plus and 13 plus ISEB maths setting teams and who has over 40 years' experience of teaching, to consider the relevance of Common Entrance; are the skills learned at 13 plus useful in life after school?
11+ and 13+ Parent Case Study – Three times through the entrance exam process
By Rathiga Raji, parent
12 Sep
There is no denying that the entrance exam process can prove stressful, even if you go through it just the once. We spoke to a mum who is guiding her third child through the entrance exam process; two of her children achieved scholarship at the 11 plus and now her son is preparing for the 13 plus. We asked her to share her experiences; what resources does she find most useful and what’s her advice for those just starting out?
Inspire a love of history: How to write Common Entrance history essays
By Paddy McKeating
04 Sep

Paddy McKeating is Head of History at Junior King's, Cantebury and is the owner of the blog. 

The Common Entrance history course gives pupils a chance to write about particular passion of their own, from people to events or even buildings throughout history. One of the most challenging tasks for all ages is writing effective essays.