11+ PARENT CASE STUDY – Juggling schools and expectations
By Jane Gillespie - a London mum
28 Mar
Thanks to Jane for providing her invaluable advice on 11+ preparation. An entrance exam veteran, she has tackled the 11+ twice in the last 2-3 years and her son is now sitting 13+ Common Entrance.
Senior school admission is a daunting prospect for many parents. The tests change and get harder, different schools have different demands, every year there are more children chasing a small number of places…… As a parent, I worried not just if my child would get a place, but would it be at a school which was the right fit?
Easter holidays and exam readiness
By Elizabeth Holtom
22 Mar
Your starting point for exam readiness is always the reality of your child’s current attitude to learning. The Easter holidays present a great opportunity to consolidate or develop some of the key skills for effective learning.
One year of the Galore Park blog
By Emma Crossey
07 Mar
This month, we're celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Galore Park blog! With 46 engaging articles to date, written by our authors, parents, teachers and tutors, we've brought together a few of our favourites. Did your favourite make the list?
Using reading lists to motivate all children
By Victoria Burrill
02 Mar

Victoria Burrill, author of our new English at Key Stage 2 textbook range, shares her creative ideas about how to use further reading lists to encourage both keen and reluctant readers, both in the classroom and at home.