Which resources do our customers recommend?
By Emma Crossey
28 Jun
We know our resources can support your child at every stage of the revision journey but don't just take our word for it. Check out what these parents, tutors and teachers have to say, letting us know which Galore Park resources they found most helpful for entrance exam success. 
And the winner of our competition is...
By Emma Crossey
23 Jun
To celebrate the launch of our new English textbooks (English for Key Stage 2 and English for Common Entrance), we invited children aged 7-13 to send us a poem letting us know how reading unlocked the world. With almost 200 entries, we are delighted to announce the winning poem.
How your child can prepare for an interview
By Victoria Burrill
09 Jun

As former Head of Year 6 and now Head of English at a London prep school, Victoria Burrill has extensive experience of preparing children for entrance interviews at 11+ and 13+, and interviewing prospective students. Here, she reveals how your child can make a good impression at interview.  
Interviews - rising heart rate, perspiring palms, dry mouth. And that’s just as an adult. Now we are asking children to participate in interviews from the age of 10, and even younger. So what is the best way to prepare?