Preparing for the Latin for Common Entrance at 13+ exam
By Bob Bass MBE
26 Apr
Bob Bass MBE, is the Senior Master and Head of Classics at Orwell Park School, Chief Setter of ISEB’s Common Entrance and Common Academic Scholarship papers, and author of more than 20 books targeted at young classicists.

Ahead of the June Latin for Common Entrance at 13+ exam, Bob shares invaluable tips on how to approach the varying question types set out in the exam, which include comprehension, translation and grammar. Bob also offers his thoughts on the resources he believes will help children prepare ...
How to introduce time management into 11+ and pre-test preparation
By Chris Pearse, Teachitright
24 Apr
Chris Pearse is an experienced primary school teacher, founder of the successful 11+ tuition company Teachitright, and author of Galore Park’s Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers. Today he shares his thoughts on when to introduce times tests as part of entrance exam preparations. 

A key element to 11+ and pre-test success is being able to use good time management. Knowing when to introduce more timed tests and bring out the stopwatches and egg timers is often debated in households. When commencing 11+ and pre-test preparation – and soon realising the importance of timing – the tendency is to immediately start timing your child at home and expecting your child to work more quickly ...

How your child can prepare for an English comprehension exam
By Victoria Burrill
12 Apr

Victoria Burrill is the author of our new English for Key Stage 2 series. As former Head of Year 6 and now Head of English at a London prep school, Victoria has extensive experience of preparing children for 11+ and 13+ exams and shares her invaluable advice for any child looking ahead to an English comprehension exam.

A student once defended himself to me with the statement, “But you can’t revise for English, Miss, because you don’t know what’s going to be on the exam paper!”  A small tear began to well up in the corner of my eye as he spoke. Of course you can revise for English! The preparations might look very different to revising for history or science, but you can prepare very thoroughly to equip yourself with and refine the skills needed to excel at the 13+ Common Entrance English papers (and any other exams for that matter).

How to write a theatre review
By Susan Elkin - author of English for Common Entrance
06 Apr

Susan Elkin is an author and journalist, with extensive experience of theatre reviewing and 36 years’ teaching experience. She is also the author of our new English for Common Entrance range.
Children are often asked by teachers and textbooks to write reviews of shows they’ve seen. Yet, it’s quite a sophisticated skill and one which many adults would find quite difficult.
How can you, as parents, help your children to review the shows you’ve taken them to?