The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) 11 Plus Examination
By Adam Muckle
19 Dec
The CEM 11 Plus was instigated to address concerns in recent years that children were being over-prepared for entrance exams, and that they were being ‘taught to the test’.
Assessment online - that must be a 'good thing' or is it?
By David Hanson
06 Dec

It seems that more and more assessment is being done online, rather than by traditional written papers. It has been predicted that written paper examinations (such as Common Entrance) will be a thing of the past by the middle of the next decade.
There are, of course, advantages in using online assessment, but there are also disadvantages.

Is it going to snow?!
By James Dale-Adcock
05 Dec

“Is it going to be a white Christmas?”
“Are we going to get snowed in so we can’t get to school!?”
Yes, it is the time of year where teachers have to pull the blinds down to stop the class hurling themselves towards the classroom windows any time a piece of Clingfilm is blown through the air in the hope that it might be a snowflake, and parents are bombard with the inevitable questions about whether it will snow. Your answer should really be “you tell me....”.