Ready, Steady, Practice!
By Sarah Collins
25 Apr

Improving speed and accuracy is key to success in 11+ and pre-tests, especially with the increasingly common on-screen tests. Here we explain how the Galore Park Practice Books can help your child to sit these tests with confidence and avoid some nasty surprises.

Thinking outside the box - Investigating Invertebrates
By David Hanson
17 Apr

We've got an easy educational activity for you to try at home, with very little equipment required.

Small invertebrate animals are abundant in many habitats. Usually, we find them in their daytime hiding places. It is interesting to investigate their activity in their natural habitat and we can do this when we are not watching!

How to get the best from your memory
By Elizabeth Holtom
11 Apr

Which is your favourite subject at school? Which is your least favourite? You are very likely to find it much easier to remember facts to do with your favourite subject. If you are fascinated by something, you will pay complete attention to it.  Remembering becomes easy.

Tips for revision, from start to finish
By Galore Park
06 Apr

Galore Park, in conjunction with the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB), has created an easy-to-read guide for parents. The Parent Guide provides information about the exams that your child is likely to take when applying for senior school, such as the 11 plus, 13 plus and CASE, it also gives advice on how to support your child in their preparation for those exams. Here we've pulled out some key tips to take some of the stress from the revision process.