Taking a Mindful Approach to Revision Prep
By Vicky at Galore Park
03 Feb
While studying for school entrance exams is important for your child to have the best chance at passing the exam and gaining entry into their preferred senior school, it’s vital to take a mindful approach to revision. This Children's Mental Health Week, we share some top tips to help your child achieve a healthy balance.

The way you respond to the independent school entry process will be reflected in your child. If you’re calm, they’re more likely to be calm too. A mindful approach can help your child to keep some perspective and avoid getting overly stressed. Try to strike a balance between being ambitious and realistic – this will do wonders for your child’s frame of mind and outlook.

Remind your child that the aim is to find the right school for them, and the tests and interviews are a part of that process. Not every school will be the perfect fit.

Be realistic about balancing work and relaxation. An overtired, overworked child will perform far less effectively than a child who has had regular breaks and has enjoyed leisure activities in their spare time. A healthy balance is key!

Teach your child that making mistakes is part of the learning process. The journey to the entrance exams is exactly that – a journey. There will be ups and downs as they refine their exam techniques and subject-specific skills and knowledge. Try not to allow your child to become too disheartened by mistakes they will inevitably make. Remind them that if they already knew everything, they wouldn’t need to go to school!

Be encouraging. Especially when children are giving up their weekends or evenings to do revision, make sure they have something to look forward to afterwards, even if it’s something as simple as their favourite snack.

If your child does become over-anxious, try to intervene early and talk about the bigger picture. Research some simple breathing techniques to help them relax when they are revising – these techniques can also be used if they panic in an exam. Apps such as Headspace are great for providing mindfulness tips.

Work with your child throughout their revision journey and find out what they like and dislike about studying, what they find easy and what they find difficult. In this way you can build their confidence through their strengths and offer support (resources or extra lessons) for the weaker areas.

Last year, we worked with Dr Kathy Weston, a motivational speaker, researcher and an expert in parental engagement. Dr Weston shared her top tips for helping your child cope with exam stress. Read her expert tips here.

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