One year of the Galore Park blog
By Emma Crossey
07 Mar
This month, we're celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Galore Park blog! With 46 engaging articles to date, written by our authors, parents, teachers and tutors, we've brought together a few of our favourites. Did your favourite make the list?

The Story of Galore Park

Check out the article that launched it all - our first ever blog article, from Galore Park founder Nick Oulton, who looks back to a summer's day in 1998 when Galore Park was born. Find out what motivated this Head of Classics and father of two to start his own range of Latin textbooks, and eventually develop Galore Park into the market leader in textbooks for pupils studying at independent schools.



Parent case study: Tackling the 11+ with the benefit of hindsight

When preparing for entrance exams, what could be better than hearing tips and tricks from those who have been through the process already? This parent was tackling the 11+ process for the second time. What were they doing differently? How were they dealing with the difficulties of the looming verbal reasoning test?



Tackling 13+ mathematics revision

David Hanson, trusted author of a number of Galore Park mathematics textbooks and revision resources, reassures parents that revision can, and should be fun. Asking 'where do we start with revision?' and aptly concluding with the question 'where do we finish?', David uses 'Bloom's pyramid' for mathematics to ensure there's no last minute maths panic in your household.



Understanding cloze procedure

The first of our blogs focused on a particular question type (and by no means the last). Cloze procedure tests are becoming an increasingly common part of 11+ verbal reasoning tests but what are they, what skills do they test and how can children prepare for them?



The new non-verbal reasoning range

This article was one of a series covering all subjects in our pre-test and 11+ range. Non-verbal reasoning can be one of the toughest parts of 11+ exams, and the recent trend for test setters to vary content and question style dramatically is making them even harder to revise for. To tackle this, Galore Park has introduced a new non-verbal reasoning range, ensuring exceptional preparation for your pupils with complete coverage of style and difficulty.


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