Parent-approved revision and practice resources
By Leah White
04 May

The run up to entrance school exams can be a very stressful time for both parents and children alike. Parents are often told that children shouldn’t prepare for the 11+ and pre-tests, but when there are 10 applicants for every place at some schools  and competition is fierce, it’s no wonder they want to give their children a helping hand. 

We at Galore Park have worked with tutors, Independent School teachers, test writers and specialist authors to ensure that everything your child needs to know is covered in our books – which we believe will help your child to feel prepared, confident and stress-free heading into the exams. 

When it comes to deciding which books will work best for your child, nothing beats genuine recommendations from parents who have been in the same situation you are currently in. So, we spoke to some of our customers and asked them what they would say to other parents about Galore Park’s revision and practice resources, and if there were any particular books they would recommend …

[Mathematics Practice Papers] are very good and have given [my daughter] extra confidence knowing the type of questions she might get asked. Makes it all less scary for them. Highly recommended!” 

 “All books are beautifully laid out makes learning easier - I wish Independent schools would give them to children as part of their teaching tools rather than all the messy photo copies they give out… I invested in the revision and exercise books… they are invaluable study and revision tools” 

We purchased several products, all fully utilised during preparation for 11+ for our two sons. They successfully passed exams to 5 out of 6 Independent schools in the UK” 

The 10 Minute Maths Tests are particularly useful because of the compact one-page layout for each test and the clear division into broad topic categories.  Each test can be done in 10 minutes meaning that it's not onerous for the child, and tests can be fitted into short bits of spare time.  It’s easy to persuade the child to spend 10 minutes on something, versus a full length practice paper.  Good for building up speed in test-taking.  Each test being out of 20 makes it easy to compare ability in different topics and progress in each topic over time 

I have absolute confidence in all Galore Park education publications, and have suggested and encouraged others to take a look at their books … whilst using Galore Park, I have confidence that our son is meeting, indeed exceeding requirements for a successful academic experience. We love the layout, styling, pictures and also the depth of topics... We love using Galore Park!’ 

It’s always great to hear that our products are helping children succeed in their entrance exams! If you’re thinking of purchasing some of our parent-approved revision and practice resources, the diagrams below will help. Our revision and practice ranges have been constructed to help your child follow three steps to examination success…

Find out more about our range specifically written for 11+ and Pre-Test

 Learn more about our ISEB approved 13+ Common Entrance range here


All quotes have been sourced from Galore Park customers reviews


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